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2019 - 2020 Season Will be available very shortly!


We are looking to fill a 12U, 14U, 16U, 17U and 18U teams.  


KVC strives to:

  • Develop the spirit of good sportsmanship through a competitive setting.

  • Enhance self-image and build confidence.

  • Develop each individual’s mental and physical potential to the fullest.

  • Promote having FUN!


The USAV season begins on November 1 and continues through June, possibly into July. KVC’s Club season usually begins sometime in late October or early November. Practices begin in November and players are expected to make a commitment to attend all practices and competition scheduled by the coaching staff. 



Most practices will be held at Radford High School and various district parks. Once all the tryouts are done and we have set the teams, practices will be finalized and passed along to all the players. For most age groups, there will be 2- 3 practices per week.


Local Tournaments

Tournaments are posted through the Aloha Region website once they become available. Each team will play in 2 – 3 tournaments per month. Tournament start date will be at the coach’s discretion as well as all tournament entry requests. Most tournaments do not start until the ending of January. In the meantime, all teams will work hard to prepare for these tournaments with scrimmages.


Playing Time

Playing time will be determined by effort in practice, focus during games, and ability to perform and adjust to the coach’s instructions. Playing time is at the discretion of the coaching staff.


Players learn the most from their mistakes and will be given many opportunities to be active participants in their learning process


Another Sport or Activities

We encourage the participation in multiple sports and other activities because of the learning that can take place. However, it should be worked out so that the team and/or the player's position on the team are not jeopardized. The Head Coach's discretion will be used if attendence becomes a problem and an adverse effect on the team. Learning opportunities missed will be the player's responsibility to make up and the team will not be held back.


  • All individual fundraising will be credited to the player’s statement to go towards travel expenses. All team fundraising will be used to reduce the overall cost of travel and ultimately reduce the per player share of expenses.

  • All traveling players are required to participate in team fundraisers.

  • Due to KVC Hawaii’s non-profit status, refunds on any fundraisers are not allowed.



Travel is not mandatory but that is the purpose of this club. We are looking to travel with 10 – 12 players per squad. Any more, reduces playing time and any less increases cost that may make traveling too financially difficult.


Travel for the girls 18U teams to participate in the Las Vegas Classic is mandatory for recruiting purposes.



It is mandatory for the 18U teams to participate in the Las Vegas Classic Tournament which will be held in February because a lot of college scouts will be in attendance.  In preparation for this tournament, a players profile and promotion will be done by Coach Candice along with a video of most tournaments and post it so that each player may be able to make their own highlight video. Correspondence and negotiations will be done by Coach Candice until it is decision time.


In 2015 - 2016 season, Coach Candice has gotten scholarships for 90% of her seniors plus scholarships for girls that did not play for KVC Hawaii. At KVC Hawaii, we feel a parents investment to pay for club volleyball should be rewarded by saving money on college.

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2015 - 2016 Season


Last season was great and fun for everyone involved.  From the teams' community service, practices and tournaments, the girls and staff were able to improve as people and players.  Thank you to all that helped make last season a good one.

14's Girls Team
16's Girls Team
18's Girls Team



KVC Hawaii has always felt like a family to the coaches, athletes and parents.  Here are just some of the great moments we've had along the way.

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